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Motivational personal trainer and advisor with years of experience in the field of healthy nutrition, cultivating and maintaining healthy and functional body and energy.
She worked with celebrities, as actors, singers, politicians, successful entrepreneurs, not only in Slovakia but also abroad.
She helped more than 3,000 people lose weight and restore their physical and mental balance.
She is the author of special exercise named EFFECT which was together with special technology successfully broadcasts in reality show SUPER BODY in Slovak television.
She published two DVD - Zora Zora Effect 1 and Zora Effect 2.
Her clients are in the Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Russia, Lithuania, South Africa, Israel, Germany, but mainly in Slovakia.
She worked in well-known media, such as Slovak Television, JOJ television, cable television Cable Plus and TV Nasa, as well as in FM radio and KIKS radio, where she presented her own shows and talk shows.
She speaks English, Russian, Croatian and German.
She regularly contributes to the activities of charitable organizations.
She plays piano and guitar, she likes to dance and paint and she love sport.
She has two beautiful children.

  • Personal training
  • Group motivational training
  • week stays or weekend trips and workshops associated with weight loss and improvement of physical condition.

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