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Personal program

My program contains:

  • The ‘EFFECT’ exercise which penetrates directly into the depths of muscle tissue. It is sufficient to exercise only 10 minutes daily for achieving the desired effect.
  • A description of the technology based on unblocking the glucagone (hormone) which helps to burn excess fat quickly.  

Due to changes in the chemical and food industries this hormone is blocked almost in everybody, so it does not fulfil its function. It is possible to re-start its function without health risks.
In my program we focus mainly on saccharides and their influence on the body.

  • Food table – very simply and accurately calculated values of foodstuffs from various food groups,
  • Diet plan – arranged so that the client should not be hungry or stressed with precise meal times under any circumstances.
  • The plan has 4 phases of diet adjustment. After adhering to it, the desired goal will be achieved within 6 weeks.
  • My statistics prove that up to 90 % of clients lose on average up to 10 kg within 6 weeks. 

Side effects are only positive: more energy, no headaches, better sleep, faster responses, no backaches or pain in the cervical spine, better psychological and physical condition on the whole and especially overall satisfaction.