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Exercise EFEKT


In 1994 I became familiar with callanetics, the exercise program of the American Callan Pincney. In the same year I became a trainer of this exercise program and one year later I promoted it through city television TV Naša and Infochannel Kabel besides in my editorial work.

In 1996 after a visit to the USA I made my own exercise program with special music designed for faster body figure improvement for women and men of every age and weight category. I successfully spread this exercise for several years among Košice clients through personal contacts and throughout Slovakia via regular every day exercise sessions on Studio JOJ. My articles appeared every two months in the professional journal Child not only for parents and several were also published in other magazines such as Eva, Ema, Wellness, Cosmopolitan, etc. I was also in charge of an editorial column for pregnant women.

The present form of the ‘EFFECT’ program contains 7 kinds of exercises. The results are: stronger thighs, belly, bottom and arms, slimmer waist, no backache, higher self-esteem and psychological stability. The most reliable evidence is the fact that I did not interrupt this exercise even during my second pregnancy.

This exercise was not only practised but also recommended by:

  • Prim. MUDr. Ľudmila Homindová, orthopaedist and orthopaedic prosthetic specialist
  • MUDr. Ladislav Saksun, PhD., gynaecologist
  • Jaroslav Horváth, master of the world in body building
  • Roman Volák, master of the world in kickbox

I have knowledge and experience not only in the sports field but also from previous professions (promotion for the ERPO firm, enterprising foreign trade with OMNIA Bratislava, working with travel agencies OROSTOUR and TRGOTOUR, modelling agency JANUSZ München, artistic agency STAFF, editorial offices of television and radio stations TV JOJ, Markíza, TV NAŠA, INFOKANÁL, Radio KIKS and Radio REGINA). I have also been organising for several years sport, reconditioning, weight reduction and relaxation weekends in the Tatras and one week stays in Croatia. For these weekends I regularly invite qualified professionals from the fields of massage, yoga, aerobics, ballroom dancing and Latin American dances, martial arts, cosmetics and healthy life style.

„Exercise EFFECT“

From various kinds of exercises I have chosen the most specific and best ones which immediately strengthen the muscles of the whole body, degrade excess fat and do not put weight on the joints and spine.

This exercise based on callanetics was gradually influenced by the following elements:
aerobics, tae-bo, strengthening using your own body weight, yoga, and stretching.

„Thanks to this exercise I have got a solid body even after two children!“

Try for yourself this unique exercise program „EFFECT“, which immediately penetrates into the depths of muscle tissue and is suitable for every age and weight category.

„EFFECT“ is a mixture of seven kinds of dynamic exercises. The results are: stronger thighs, belly, bottom and arms, slimmer waist, no backache, higher self-esteem and psychological stability.

The founder of this exercise is Košice citizen Zora Ochodnická, a professional trainer with 20 years of experience. This exercise is recommended by an orthopaedist, gynaecologist, psychologist and professionals from the sports field.